From a young age, creativity has been an integral part of my life. My childhood was spent growing up on a horse farm in Gardiner, New York. My mother taught me all the things a farm girl needed to know from gardening and sewing to gathering raspberries to make jam. Eventually, I learned the art of soap making.

College took all the way to Chicago where I was inspired, in a completely new way, by the landscape and beauty of the Midwest. After earning a BFA in Communication Design, I began a life as an art director at some of the top ad agencies in Chicago.

The Hudson Valley has always had a special place in my heart. So, a few years ago, I was given the opportunity to return to the same farm house I grew up in and brought along my partner and lil doggie Snowflake. Since being back in the Valley, I have been constantly inspired by all the amazing artists and makers in the area.

One day, my partner (who sells avocado oil for culinary purposes) decided to throw away some of his avocado oil because he felt it wasn’t up to his standards of uber-freshness to sell. I couldn’t fathom throwing out this wonderful product as I know how good it is for your body’s inside, I figured it had to be great for the outside. Trying to figure out a way to repropose this amazing oil, I remembered making soap with my mom. Instantly, I was creatively inspired and began making soaps and other skin care products.

Its been about two years now and I sell my soaps in about 18 stores and work local markets. I try to constantly make new i

I source most of the ingredients locally through farms and businesses that I collaborate with and use my garden’s herbs to make them smell pretty. My goal is simply to create a lovely and all-natural product that’s good for the skin slow and conscious way.