Hudson Naturals is a *skincare* company based in Gardiner, NY founded by Christina Silvestris in 2014. At that time, her partner was selling Avocado Oil for consumption. She slowly realized that not only did Avocado Oil have amazing benefits for inside the body, it was extremely healthy when applied to one's skin. She believes that the products we put on our skin, like the food we put in our mouths, should not be complicated and should come from nature. So, she began making pure and simple soaps and body butters for herself and, eventually, her friends. Her passion for handmade body care quickly outgrew the hobby phase. Motivated by the bounty and social/environmental consciousness of the Hudson Valley, Hudson Naturals was born.

Using her partner's avocado oil and his mantra, "healthy from the inside out and the outside in" Christina continued manufacturing bar soaps and body butters. Using the highest quality plant ingredients with the finest coconut-avocado oil, blended with essential oils and natural botanicals ensures the utmost quality of each bar soap. The soaps are cut by hand and cured for 3 weeks before being wrapped in paper that she designs herself. Christina makes sure to make everything in a slow and conscious way. 

Fully aware of the region's practice of supporting local businesses, she began purchasing and/or bartering locally sourced ingredients, which would contribute to the overall goodness of the soaps. Honey from Gardiner, beer from Kingston, tallow from Great Barrington, Mass, coffee from Beacon, et al are examples of some of the fine artisanal ingredients found peppered in her soap product line.

Hudson Naturals does not use detergents, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial colorants or dyes, unnatural preservatives or fillers and they do not undertake animal testing.